Perhaps filing your taxes in the future will be nothing more than a smart phone click away.

“Miami-based Taxfyle launched a more robust version of its app that makes it easier for consumers, freelancers and small businesses to file taxes. On Thursday, the technology startup announced it has raised seed financing to fund its growth through this tax season and beyond, including with the millions of consumers and businesses who have complex returns.”

What is Taxfyle?

“Taxfyle was co-founded by Richard Lavina, Michael Mouriz and Will Sahatdijan in August 2015. Today it is the top-ranked tax app in the App Store. It has grown its network to more than 700 Certified Public Accountants and Enrolled Agents. Taxfyle gives CPAs and EAs the opportunity to participate in the “gig economy” by building their own businesses or earning extra money by taking on accounting gigs on their own time.”Read more…