What Our Clients Say

For over fifteen years Lynn has helped two generations of my family with financial planning and investments. Although he had accumulated a significant estate by owning his own business, my father had no long-term investment plan, and he had all of his wealth invested in low interest, taxable CDs. After sitting down with my father and learning more about his long-term goals, Lynn was able to put in place a conservative investment strategy that earned my father a more competitive return and saved him money in taxes. After my father passed, Lynn continued to help my family through the process of settling the estate, and he has continued to be an invaluable resource whenever we’ve needed help with our family finances.

Jocelyn Lee


I can’t say enough good things about Lynn and the help he’s given me over the years. I’m not very savvy when it comes to financial matters, but Lynn has guided me through every step of the process. He has helped me make important decisions about my long-term health care, retirement, social security, life insurance, and investments. Lynn has even sat down with my attorney and me when I needed assistance with my estate plan. Lynn is currently helping me through the process of doing a real estate 1031 exchange so that I can supplement my income during retirement. It feels good to know that whenever I have financial questions, there is someone I can trust who is there to help me.

N. Ingram


My first experiences working with Lynn Dunston were approximately 15 years ago while he was employed with New England Financial. At the time I owned an extremely large, successful and complicated to run salon/spa located in the metro Denver area. Lynn did a thorough review of my personal and business finances and really took the time to find out what was important to me both personally and professionally. To me the most important thing was the financial security and long term needs of my family, especially if anything should ever happen to me. So Lynn helped me with the right life insurance policy for my particular needs as well as a long term care plan for my mother. In addition Lynn helped me with navigating the different IRA types which really helped me with tax deferment since we determined that I was really taking a big tax hit with very little tax shelter.

Lynn was also instrumental in helping me to better organize my business by literally introducing me to a team of business professionals (accountant and attorney) that I continue to use to this day. They helped me to structure a new business entity which again helped to lower my taxes and truly solidified my business. It felt good to know that I was doing things the right way and the support system was truly putting dollars back in my pocket.

I can truly say that I would recommend Lynn to anybody knowing that he will listen and learn that particular person’s needs and serve them with great care, knowledge and integrity.

Chris Apple

Business Owner

“When I needed help navigating the sea of college education funding options, Lynn helped me put together a sound strategy that allowed me to save for my son’s education in a tax-efficient manner. Unlike other financial consultants, I appreciate that Lynn is guided by the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ code of ethics and that he follows a holistic planning process.”

Gail Ash

Payroll Manager, Anschutz Corporation